Photo/Image problem
So, this may seem a bit confusing, but this gets me srsly triggered sometimes, so im some times photos are seriously hard to see, but sometimes they're really easy to see, this problem mostly goes to YT, sometimes even the logo is shit, if you dont know what im talking about, here is a photo

It may seem perfect as it shows in the photo, but in reality, if you zoom in closer,(CTRL + Mousewheel) it can barely be seen, i have fine eye sight, i also blurred alot of shit out more likely the fact that alot of you will think im a retard and watch some shit videos/YTbers

also i cant do much in order to explain it more perfectly, all i can say is, the photos logos, whatever arent perfectly HD, or 1080p, but when im in a video, it looks perfectly, when outside of the video, taking a look at the photo, it looks pretty shit, i honestly havent found this out in nearly forever, i just dont seem to know whats the proble
EDIT: Okay i fixed, kthxbai

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