Upcoming update [Coming soon]
Hello people,

In this thread I will show you a sneak peak of the upcoming update of the Zombie Plague server, it is not just a normal update, I completely rewrote the mode, and it will be much more extended and easier for our staff to modify because everything has configuration and customisation file, I will also provide screenshots of the major stuff!

I. Gun menu (Special thanks to my friend Kushfield for helping out with the menu structure and ideas):
  • You can enable/disable automatic selection.
  • You can activate weapons menu even if automatic selection is on for 15 seconds after you have been cured.
  • You can see which weapon have you selected if you open primary/secondary/grenade menus.
Main menu
[Image: 20171007174540_1.jpg]

Primary weapons menu
[Image: 20171007174555_1.jpg]

Secondary weapons menu
[Image: 20171007174625_1.jpg]

II. Zombie/Human class menus (Credits for ZP Development Team):
  • You can see which class have you selected.
  • You can see the attributes down in the chat.
Zombie and Human class menus are quite similar, so here is the structure of the menu
[Image: 20171007174600_1.jpg]

[Image: 20171007174640_1.jpg]

III. Status HUD (Credits for ZP Development Team and myself for redeveloping the plugin):
  • You can enable/disable status/spectator HUD.
  • You can customise the position of your status/spectator HUD.
Main menu
[Image: 20171007174656_1.jpg]

Position move units
[Image: 20171007174658_1.jpg]

P.S. I forgot to take screenshot of the customisation menus, perhaps in future posts on this thread I will include screenshots!

IV. Administrator menus (Credits for ZP Development Team and myself for redeveloping the plugin):
  • You can now see which game mode is coming on the infection from the admin menu.
  • You can respawn everyone just by hitting the RESPAWN EVERYONE option!
Main menu
[Image: 20171007174740_1.jpg]

Start game modes menu
[Image: 20171007174742_1.jpg]

Make zombie/human/nemesis/survivor and respawn player menus
[Image: 20171007174748_1.jpg]

[Image: 20171007174755_1.jpg]

[Image: 20171007174801_1.jpg]

[Image: 20171007174751_1.jpg]

V. Field of View (Credits go to Naniétta for the idea and code snippets and myself for handling the plugin):
  • You can now customise your field of view by increasing/decreasing it.
  • Default FOV: 90 - Usual FOV: 110
Customisation menu
[Image: 20171007174814_1.jpg]

[Image: 20171007174829_1.jpg]

VI. Lighting & Nightvision (Credits go to myself for fully creating these plugins):
  • You can customise your nightvision style (FPS friendly feature)
  • You can customise the map lighting for your own self (FPS friendly feature)
Lighting menu (a - DARKEST // z - BRIGHTEST)
[Image: 20171007174851_1.jpg]

[Image: 20171007174853_1.jpg]

Nightvision style menu (Note: In the following screenshot, nightvision is not enabled)
[Image: 20171007174902_1.jpg]

Nightvision enabled
[Image: 20171007174905_1.jpg]

[Image: 20171007174908_1.jpg]

I cannot really recall every single edit I have done on the new mode, but I will push a big changelog on an ultimate update thread when I officially release the plugin on the 8G | Zombie Plague server!

Ideas? Thoughts?

Kind Regards,
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