TeamSpeak 3 Rules
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  • Discomforting or spamming TeamSpeak users is disallowed under any circumstances.
  • When creating a temporary channel, it must contain appropriate and inoffensive name and description.
  • Users must have appropriate usernames, avatars and descriptions at all times otherwise a punishment will be executed.
  • When being in public channels, any disrespect towards any other member will be considered as violation of rules.
  • Using voice changer(s) in a public channel will result in a punishment, it can be used only in private channels with the permission of the channel's owner.
  • Faking/Imitating other users is disallowed and will result in a punishment.
  • Playing music is allowed only in private channels, it can be played in public channels if only a high staff allows it.
  • If a member channel goes inactive for 2 weeks without notifying a staff member it will be removed.

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