Discord Tutorial!
Discord Info

Discord is a voice and text chat system that lets you communicate with other people who might be playing the same game as you. Anyone can create a server to host whatever discussion they want. 

There is a server set up for 8bits Gaming already, and the link is at the bottom. In 8bits Gaming discord channel you can communicate live and call admins for certain 8bits servers. Voice channels and other fun.

Discord Invitation

First of all, you need an invitation to our channel. wiZZa[f] has created this easy link URL to an invitation. 

Discord Invitation Link(CLICK)

Follow that link and then register an account to join properly. As soon as you've logged in, you'll be connected to the invitation link(our channel).

Discord Application

It's better to install the full discord app rather than using the online one. It gives you better experience and performance, especially for your computer.
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Discord Server Invitation link has been updated
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