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[CS] Base Builder Marick - Administration Application.
Do you agree with the agreement terms & conditions? Yes

Do you administrate other game or voice servers of another community? No

What is your first name? Abdullah

What is your last name? Daana

What is your date of birth? 2/6/2003

What is your current country? Jordan

What is your in-game nickname? Marick

What is your average frames per second? 125

What is your screen renderer? OpenGL

Select a server? [CS] Base Builder

How much can you rate your English speaking level? 6

How much can you rate your AMX Mod X experience? 7

Why do you think you should become an administrator? Because there is no admins only the HS so the server needs more admins and I like to help this server to be only for fun not for cheating and destroying the players bases and breaking rules

Greetings proud pixel,
This is an automatically generated message by the Forum Moderator, Head Administrator, Universe Creator, Global Manager or Pixel Lord who approved your request form in order to make it visible for the members and allow them to reply on it with their opinion, this has nothing to do with the final decision of the Pixel Lords on your request, so please be patient until the decision is made.

We would like to personally advise you to mainly read the International Server Rules and the International Forum Rules. Also, it is advised to read the specific rules of the server to avoid any trouble.

Your request has been reviewed and approved.
Ofc full support without thinking
Good builder
Was and admin before and was a very good admin and helpful
It's a biiiiig yes
Thanks <3

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