Ninja's suggestions
Hello everyone. I have some free time so i decided to make this topic. 
First, i suggest to make the font of the forum black again, it was better before in my opinion.
Second, concerning the server's activity (which im glad to see they are up again), i suggest taurus to select some admins and higher to his servers asap because, more admins = more coverage = more fun= raise of popularity. 
Third i think that making something other communities dont have will be an awesome idea. For example, instead of putting money for boosting, do an event and let the prize be money or a steamgift or steamcard or whatever. I suppose that Taurus knows better than me in this.
This is my very first community and i really felt concerned when it went down. Dont wanna see it fall again.
P.S: Taurus if i did any english mistake feel free to correct me IN PRVT. Thank you in advance xD
I ate so much, I can barely write English correctly myself to correct you Tongue

Thank you for the sweet words, I will do my best to make it popular again.
I agree to all the opinions
And the last one is the best
Like a giveaway or something. Cool

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