I have noticed an increased amount of posts in the unban section coming from people who have nothing to do with the ban.

Please refrain from posting in these forums unless the following:

1. You are directly involved with the ban, or were named by the original poster.

2. The thread is in a different language other then English and you can translate the post in its entirety.

3. You feel that you are a witness with sufficient evidence but was not named by the Original Poster. And can provide an extra insight into what happened.

You are NOT allowed to post for the following reasons:

1. The Original Poster's thread is in the incorrect format.

2. The Original Poster's thread has profane, racial, or discriminatory phrases that are offensive. 

3. The Original Poster's thread contains false information.

4. The Original Poster is your friend and you want to support their unban. Unban decisions are only made by our high staff. 

These conditions apply to all Members, Admins, and Staff. Players found posting in these forums when not needed to do so will recieve punishments in the following order: Warning, 1 day forum ban, 2 day forum ban.

Please feel free to report any issues to any of the Managers through the private messaging system.
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