Anti-Cheat / Illegal file detection system
Hi everyone,
As you may have noticed I have implemented a anti cheat / illegal file detection system. And it's been doing it's work banning a lot of cheaters. This thread is only here to inform you that using (or having installed on your CS) any wallhack, ESP, aimbot, SteamID changers or bhop programs or scripts may get you banned.
Furthermore, for illegal modifications to the skins/models, I am only planning on kicking. This means that anyone using a bigger c4 model for example would not be able to join unless they replace it with the original.

I'm sorry I didn't make this thread earlier. I had this idea for a long time, and finally implemented it, been working so hard, I actually forgot to make the thread. I will be trying my best to keep the database up to date, so it can detect newer cheats. This doesn't mean admins can lay on their backsides either.  Cheesy Admins must still look out for cheaters, as no anti cheat system is perfect. Neither am I willing to fish out every single cheat created in the years CS has been around, take this as a 24/7 server 'assistant'.

Bans made by this system will not be lifted. Only SteamID changers + bhop scripters are exempt, as long as they remove these cheats, keeping them on their cs will get them banned again. PERMANENTLY. 
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